Plugin Box


A simple box:

<box> the box contents </box>

Some more complex boxes

<box 80% round orange|a title> the box contents</box>
<box 50% left blue>the box contents</box|a caption>

The full syntax:

<box width classes | title text> contents text </box>

  • width — any legal CSS width value
  • classes — any number of classes which use the styles in your template or the plugin's own stylesheet to determine the look of the box. The box plugins comes with the following classes already defined:
    • round — box will have rounded corners
    • blue — blue colour scheme
    • red — red colour scheme
    • green — green colour scheme
    • orange — orange colour scheme
    • left — float the box left within the wiki page
    • right — float the box right within the wiki page

if no classes are specified the default styles will be used, that is square corners in a colour scheme based on the default Dokuwiki colour scheme.

  • title text — text (including dokuwiki markup) displayed above the box contents, with distinct style.
  • caption text — text (no markup allowed) displayed below the box contents, with distinct style.

The opening <box … > including the title must all appear on one line. The box contents can appear over as many lines as are needed.



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