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The Tag Plugin lets you assign category tags to wiki pages. It will display a list of links to the tag pages in the tag namespace specified in the configuration.



{{tag>[list of tags]}}
[list of tags] a space separated list of tags that describe the content of the current page required

Allows you to categorize your wiki pages. The resulting links point to the corresponding page in the specified tag namespace. If you want a link to point to a page in another namespace, you have to indicate the namespace before the tag name.


  • {{tag>tag1 tag2 tag3}}
  • with namespaces: {{tag>:ns1:tag1 ns1:tag2 ns2:subns1:tag3}}


[tag] the category tag for which you want a list of pages required
[flags] pagelist flags delimited by &, see flags optional

This displays a list of all pages that contain the given category tag. The list is sorted alphabetically by page ID. You can also prepend the modifiers + and -. + creates an intersection between the list of pages created by the already defined tags and the pages matching the tag following the + (AND), - removes all pages tagged with the given tag from the list of already found pages.


  • {{topic>tag1 -tag2}} – Lists all pages tagged with tag1 but not with tag2.
  • {{topic>tag1 +tag2}} – Lists all pages tagged with tag1 and tag2.
  • {{topic>tag1 tag2}} – Lists all pages tagged with either tag1 or tag2 or both.



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